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My life is a wonderful life.
There was music in our house since way before I was born.
I'm the last born of 4 and Dad was a professional pianist/organist/accordionist.
I joined the chorus in 5th grade and was in it 11 years.
I played the piano every day since about 4.
I was in a funk band in the 80's and one in the 90's.
I played piano and sang solo everywhere in the Twin Cities.
I played a lot of places in NY, NJ and CT.
I played and sang for a wedding in Costa Rica.
I played and sang at my Dad's funeral.
..and also at my Mom's.
I have a 60's and 70's 3 piece rock/dance band.
I play in 170 senior buildings.
I'm getting ready to present a tribute project.
I have a solo track dance show for bigger rooms.
I'm ready to play around the world.